The African Edu-Eco Wizard team of professionals have devised a number of exciting and innovative Wildlife and Bush Awareness learning programs, which not only focuses on formal training but also caters for individuals with enquiring minds and an innate desire to learn more about the greater African Ecosystem, its constituent members, the various relationships and related form and function of each individual and population within the terrestrial ecosystem. The programs are compiled professionally, are accredited and are comprehensive, fun and exciting. On our programs you get down and dirty. You explore, enquire and adore your new found knowledge.

Our primary focus is on experiential adventure, wildlife conservation, sustainable conservation and conservation education supported by tangible practically applicable skills development. On any one of our specifically designed programs, notebooks, interest and pens are as vital as safety, responsibility and life skills development through wilderness and wildlife guided conservation awareness. Every experience includes our core curriculum where the skills and knowledge essential to perpetuate a wilderness, conservation and sound adventure ethic are taught and encouraged in a participative, fun learning environment. Participants are taught to be professional, ethical, responsible and safe users of the environment. Our sustainable education and teaching philosophy is mirrored in the Chinese proverb; “What I hear I forget; What I see, I remember; What I do I know”. Education is our primary objective and we believe that the best wildlife, conservation and adventure learning comes through an experiential ‘hands-on’ approach to learning and ‘first-hand’ outcome-based adventure experiences.

We use Observation, Interpretation, Deduction, Collection, Research, Peer-review and Presentation as Outcome-based learning objectives. Each program has a number of fun and informative activity sessions where participants provide group feedback and presentations. Our programs facilitate tangible and measurable outcome-based learning with applicable skills being absorbed which can be applied in ones daily life. As you become more and more immersed in the programs so your knowledge grows and expands as does your confidence.

All programs are presented along the Garden Route between Mossel Bay and Addo Elephant National Park. Our training bases are centrally located in Plettenberg Bay. Our programs have a 1:10 facilitator to participant ratio. Our instructors are very highly qualified, educators and teachers who love sharing and teaching what they know. Join us on a Wildlife Learning Experience of a Lifetime now. Browse through the various programs which we offer and see which of the programs attract your interest. Enquire now to fulfill your passion and desire to be more informed and in-tune with the spirit of wilderness. Be prepared to unleash your spirit of adventure and desire for fulfillment. Join us now


flagship2 14-Day INTRODUCTION to FIELD & NATURE GUIDING as a Career Awareness Learning Program

flagship2 8-Week FIELD GUIDE LEVEL 1 – Skills Development Training Program (FGASA Endorsed)

  • 5-Day Basic DANGEROUS ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR Awareness Learning Program
  • 5-Day Basic BIRD IDENTIFICATION & KNOWLEDGE Awareness Program
  • 5-Day AFRICAN REPTILES and AMPHIBIANS Better Understood
  • 5-Day EARTH FOUNDATIONS Learning Program: Basic Ecology, Geology & Astronomy
  • 2 x 5-Day BIRD BEHAVIOR Learning Program: Ethology, Adaptations & Functional Physiology
  • 3 x 5-Day MAMMAL BEHAVIOR Learning Program: Behavioral Traits, Adaptations & Functional Physiology