Group Team Building



The African Edu-Eco Wizard team has devised a number of Experiential Teambuilding and Eco-Adventure Learning activities on the Garden Route designed to challenge teams in unfamiliar terrain with unconventional circumstances at appropriate venues.

Adventure and Teambuilding learning activities offer groups the opportunity to provide for motivational spirit building initiatives whereby the staff escapes the rigours of the corporate environment to enjoy the adventurous spirit of Africa in a playful yet in an outcome based manner. A strong management team is an essential factor in the survival of any company. Experiential developmental teambuilding can and does provide powerful learning experiences in the areas of identification and development of leadership potential; problem solving; decision making; interpersonal communication and cross cultural communications.

We utilise well-structured outdoor teambuilding and adventure experiences, supervised by qualified adventure and wilderness facilitators to provide an excellent groundwork to help participants to bridge back to the work environment enthused by their experiences and growth. The adventure experiences are tailored to meet the developmental needs of the group.

The duration of the various activities is largely dependent on the available time your company has to conduct such a program or programs as well as the budget available to perform such activities.  The programs can range from half day to full day programs depending on your exact requirements which can be incorporated into an all inclusive tailor-made program.

Adventure and teambuilding is a means whereby people are exposed to environments not part of their daily routine. Participants are put into situations where they challenge themselves as well as develop co-operative interdependent relationships with their peers and business associates. It is also a means of stimulating team awareness and effectiveness. Each activity is measured regarding the resultant effect of team performance and the contribution of each individual to the success of the activity. The level at which the teambuilding activities are offered, ranges from soft, low impact to challenging yet resourceful initiatives filled with the adventure of the mind and the body. It is with this view in mind that the following programs have been devised. Most of the programs can be conducted in isolation although numerous tailor-made combinations are possible. The prescribed teambuilding activities are conducted at venues along the Garden Route from Mossel Bay in the west to Tsitsikamma in the east.

Groups of up to 40 – 80 people can be handled with a 1:15 or 1:10 facilitators to participant ratio being observed depending on the risk profile of the activity program. Our instructors are very highly qualified, survivors in their own right, educators and teachers who love sharing and teaching what they know. Herewith are the profiles of the various programs which can be a half day or full day depending on available time parameters.

2-3 Hours – Mini Olympians Activity Arena (4-6 Activities per Arena)

2-3 Hours – Traditional “Boere” Bush Olympics Activity Arena (4-6 Activities per Arena)

2-3 HoursBEACH or BUSH Olympics Activity Arena (4-6 Activities per Arena)

2-3 HoursLIFE IS ABEACH’ Life Saving Nationals Activity Arena (4-6 Activities per Arena)

2-3 HoursBEACH CASTLES & MOATS – Architectural Designs Activity Arena (2-4 Activities per Arena)

3-4 Hours – The Amazing Race Live & Uncut (4-6 Activities per Arena)

2-3 Hours – Recreational Ground Based Activity Arena (4-6 Activities per Arena)

2-3 Hours – Being on the “BALL” Challenge Arena (3-5 Activities per Arena)

2-4 Hours – The Survivor Challenge Arena (4-6 Activities per Arena)

2-3 Hours – The African BUSH or BEACH Challenge Arena (4-6 Activities per Arena)

2-3 Hours – World Sports ‘Oddity’ Challenge Arena (4-6 Activities per Arena)

2-3 Hours – Age Old Bulls Eye Challenge Arena (4-6 Activities per Arena)

1-3 Hours – The “Elevations” Team building Challenge Arena

1-3 Hours – Bridge Building Team Challenge Arena

1-2 Hours – “Capture and Care” Adventure Challenge Arena

2-3 Hours – Natural Obstacle Course Challenge Arena with a Twist

2-3 Hours – Corporate Inter-Divisional Adventure Racing Challenge Arena

2-3 Hours – Corporate Orienteering Adventure Challenge Arena

4-6 Hours – Amazing RACE & OBSTACLE COURSE Adventure Challenge Arena

1-2 Hours – OBSTACLE ADVENTURE COURSE Challenge Arena

2-4 HoursPOTJIE & COCKTAIL Team building Arena (Potjie – Planning, Preparation and Presentation)

2-4 Hours – Garden Route BRAAI MASTER Team Cook Off with a Twist

2-3 Hours – The War GAME Zone – Paintball Arena

2-4 Hours – The 4×4 Driving Obstacle Challenge Arena

2-3 Hours – The ‘Robin Hood” Unconventional Archery Target Arena